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Pre-cast Concrete Septic Tanks

General information about tanks?

Our septic tanks are pre-cast concrete constructed. Due to the density of concrete, the tanks are very heavy and require specialized moving equipment. A 1200 Gallon septic tank weighs over 12,000 lbs.! That is far more than the average backhoe can lift. Our delivery trucks are well equipped to handle the stresses of moving the tanks. And for the safety and efficiency of the operators, the trucks need to work on level ground while setting the tank.

How soon can a septic tank be delivered?

Typically, a tank can be delivered within two or three days of placing an order. However, during the busy summer months there may be as long as a week’s delay between ordering and delivery. As always, it is good to plan ahead.

What parts do I need with a tank?

Septic tanks installed in Lake, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties typically are required to have a filtering device installed on the outlet end. We offer a variety of filters from Orenco and Tuf-Tite to fit your budget and convenience. Also, we offer Orenco risers in various sizes. Risers are required and will make servicing the filter much easier.